the thing of the past..., 2013
Performance: dancer; camera; computer; custom software created in Max/MSP Jitter

Structured improvisation created by Emma Hogarth with choreographer Ali Brodsky
Performed by Ali Brodsky

" ...the thing of the past, by its immediate radiations, has really touched the surface, which in its turn my gaze will touch..." Roland Barthes, Camera Lucida

the thing of the past... is a performance in which the performer's image is mediated in two contrasting forms: a shadow image innately tied to the movement of the body in real time; and a digitally mediated projection. As the performer executes a structured improvisation generated in response to the camera frame, custom software transforms the live video into a fading, layering succession of black and white imagery. As the images layer, they record and display fragments of time and movement that appear as a mixture of still and moving imagery. The resulting image displays fragments of singular and compounded time, conflating present moments with those of the past.

"The thing of the past... " from Emma Hogarth on Vimeo.