Remembering, 2011-present
Ongoing multimedia project including: cast glass; video and digital print presented in dialog in the installation space

Remembering began as a series of short videos intended to invoke a metaphoric relationship between computer and human memory. The videos show the process of a computer retrieving image files, the seconds it takes to display the information fully and the moments of increased visual clarity as they occur. The images are representations of a series of cast glass replicas of domestic photo frames - reproductions of reproductions - created by digitally scanning cast glass replicas. The process engaged is one of translation of visual information from one media to another, connecting the digitally reproduced image to its older relative the photograph; and to the yet older/ancient reproductive process of casting. Each technology, each process, results in a form of replica intended as a repository of memory. Digital artifacts resulting from the reproduction are embraced in each video which loops at random intervals of between 6 and 30 seconds - the (debatable) duration of short-term memory. In theory, each video repeats just as the image may be slipping from the viewer's immediate and accessible recollection. A series of digital stills culled from the videos show three moments of "remembering" as pixelated images become clear. The stills were reproduced as a series of 27 archival Ultrachrome inkjet prints on aluminum.