Artist Statement:

From 2004 - 2009, my work drew strongly on the intertwined histories of video and performance art, articulating phenomenological reflections on the actions of posing and viewing elicited by the technology of the camera. Within this exploration, the use of digital video was key to considering the impact of changing media technologies on performances of the Self.

Since 2009, much of my research has involved processes of translation between "traditional" and "new" reproductive imaging technologies. This work, has taken the form of drawings, digital print, video, glass and installation work, often combining media, or placing it in dialog in the installation space. The temporal implications of each media's inherent relationship to performance, documentation, time and memory emerges as a strong point of focus. For example, in the ongoing series of video and digital print works, Remembering, still and moving imagery, representing cast glass reproductions of domestic photo frames, connects the digitally reproduced image to its older relative the photograph, and to the yet older/ancient reproductive process of casting. Parallels drawn invoke metaphoric relationships between instances of photographic, computer and human memory.

Through the translation of visual information from one medium into another, I attempt to uncover additional layers of meaning by scrutinizing the quality (both the character and value) of information stored as memory in the image. By embracing, and even highlighting, the artifacts and inconsistencies that emerge, this process reveals a failure to document, one which ironically draws the image into a closer, yet more bittersweet, relationship with the object of it's task: preserving information for memory.

- Emma Hogarth , 2017


Emma Hogarth is an interdisciplinary artist who lives and works in Providence, RI. She holds an MFA in Digital+Media from Rhode Island School of Design, and a Bachelor of Visual Arts - First Class Honors in Painting from Sydney College of the Arts. After graduating from SCA, Emma moved to New York City where her artistic path took a detour through an extended study of dance and performance. During this time, she performed with various choreographers and performance arts companies, while developing her own interdisciplinary practice. This practice engages performance, drawing, glass, video and installation work, often combining media to explore relationships between performance, documentation, time and the image. Emma's projects have been presented in the space of the gallery, the theater and the urban public arena in New York, Sydney and New England. Emma currently teaches in Foundation Studies at Rhode Island School of Design.

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Contact:ehogarth [at] risd [dot] edu