Achromatic Series, 2012 - ongoing
Medium: embossed paper and archival inkjet print on paper

Achromatic Series uses alternative photographic and digital processes to create digital imagery of embossed paper works that are molded from cast glass reproductions of ornate photo frames. Through repetitive processes of reproduction draws connections between digital image technology, its older relative photography, and to the yet older, even ancient, reproductive technology of casting.

Achromatic Series involves a two-part process. First white paper is embossed using the frames, resulting in a three-dimensional, white paper "image." Secondly, the embossed paper is digitally scanned and the images are reproduced as a series of digital prints. The reproductive process of embossing paper alludes to the original reproductive process of casting. The scanning process then translates the embossed image into digital information, interpreting the effects of light on the three-dimensional surface as gradations of digital greyscale and color information. As the paper is actually completely white, this visual information is a mistranslation of the original - an artifact of the digital reproductive process, which is embraced and becomes the final digital image. The two reproductions are shown together as one work. Through the iterative process of reproduction, and the dialog created between the two works, the work offers a reflection on forms of memory enacted through changing visual technologies.