0.3 Seconds, 2008
video installation: computer, projector, custom software created in Max/MSP Jitter

Duration: 7 minutes, looped. Dimensions variable - projection dimensions: approx 12 inches x 10 inches.

0.3 Seconds analyzes a Thomas A. Edison film of Loie Fuller performing her Serpentine Dance in order to test the idea that events occurring beneath the threshold of 0.3 seconds are occurring "beyond (human) experience." The project began by simply delaying the video playback for 0.3 seconds, and watching the results. At times the differences between the two videos were visible, and at other times not. After observing this, I created a Max/MSP Jitter patch that performs a difference sensing analysis, comparing frames of the video played with and without the 0.3 second delay. When a difference is sensed by the software, the video temporarily fades from view, returning only when no difference is sensed.